A Brief About Summary Mumbai Escorts

A Brief Summary about Mumbai Escorts


Sex workers or escorts do not want to display their profession to the public as this profession is considered as taboo in many countries. They do not work in brothels, rather, are employed by various escort agencies. There are two types of escorts based on contact: outcall and incall. Outcall escorts are those escorts who go to their clients whereas incall escorts are those escorts the clients come to them.

Contacting an Escort

Escorts in Mumbai can be contacted by calling at their contact number directly which is available at escort agencies and websites. They can contact escorts through the agencies. However, there are many escorts who do not work for any escort agencies. Most of the independent escorts have their own websites. This is because internet is the medium through which clients can contact them. These websites contain information about escorts, the type of sexual services they provide and pictures of them. The individual escorts also advertise their services in form of small ads in magazines, weeklies or newspapers.

Role of an Escort Agency

The role of an escort agency is to provide escort to the clients. They also help in setting up a meeting between client and escort so that they can discuss about their terms and conditions. The agencies even decide the duration an escort would provide his/her service. .The escort agencies also have their own attractive websites with photo gallery, description and contact of their escorts.

The clients have to book the escort of their choice by providing the latter’s fee. If the client contacts escorts through their agencies, then, he/she needs to pay to both the agency and client. In some cases, one can pay the money to the escort. But afterwards, the agencies deduct their license fees directly from the escort’s earning.

In case the client contacts the escort directly, then, he/she have to pay the total money to the escort. The client will also have to pay for any additional arrangement and features. The fees of an independent escort differ according to season and customers. They always provide discount for their regular customers. The amount of money made by an escort depends upon various factors such as competition between legal and illegal sources, sexual attractiveness and commission paid by agencies.

There are various types of escort agencies like female for male, male for female, male for male and female for female agencies. This is because agencies specialise in one sex only. Some of the escort agencies also have transgender escorts to satisfy the needs of the clients. The escort agencies have escorts of different age to satisfy clients of different ages.

The benefit of taking services from escort agencies is one can choose the best and most suitable for him/her among others.  The benefit of taking services from independent escort is that they provide services in extended meeting also. Escorts and escort agencies always follow the rules and regulation of their country. However, it is the duty of the clients to safeguard the information of escorts provided by escort agencies. Even the escort agencies keep the meeting of clients and escorts personal.

A Brief Summary about Mumbai Escorts

A Brief Summary about Mumbai Escorts


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