What Is The Difference Between A Call Girl And An Escort?

What Is The Difference Between A Call Girl And An Escort?


A female escort or a call refers to a sex worker who does not display her profession to the general public. This is quite unlike a street walker. Apart from that, a call girl does not work in institutions like brothels. However, a call girl might be employed by an escort agency. Generally, the client has to make an appointment by calling a telephone number.

Call girls can use advertise their services by a number of ways. They can advertise by small ads or via the internet.  In some cases, an escort agency can act as the intermediary advertiser. The escort agency promotes the escorts. A call girl can work either outcall, where she goes to the client, or in call, where the client comes to them.

Both escorts and prostitutes accept money in return for having sex with strangers. However, escorts are mostly ordered online (off catalogues). Escorts charge higher rates as well. On the other hand, prostitutes walk the streets, waiting for men to hire their services. Normally, prostitutes station themselves in brothels. However an escort might also provide extra services beyond just sex.

Opposite to what people might generally think, some men actually employ social escorts for the purpose of escorting only. In high society events, some of the women that one can see on men’s arms are social escorts. Mumbai Call girls are quite in demand for providing such services.

What is an escort agency?

An escort agency is a company that provides escorts for their clients. These escorts are mostly provided for sexual services. The agency would arrange for a meeting between its client and one of its escorts at a hotel room (outcall) or the residence of the escort (in-call). The meeting can also take place at the house of the client. Some agencies can provide escorts for a longer period of time.  The escort might travel with the client on a holiday or a business trip and might stay with the client as well.

The escort agency is paid a fee for the booking of the escort. The customer then has to negotiate any additional fees directly with the escort. This additional fees is charged for all those services that are not provided by the escort agency that is involved (mostly includes sexual services).

How to the agencies advertise?

Once an escort agency decides to hire an escort, she will either pose for a photographer or provide her photos. These pictures would then be posted on the website of the agency. The pictures might be circulated among the clients to promote business. Some of the larger escort agencies maintain a photo gallery of their escorts on their websites. Escort agencies recruit individuals by placing employment advertisements in a newspaper or a magazine.

Escort agencies need to advertise carefully such that they do not cross the legal line. Escort services try to provide an experience that will allow the operators to claim that whatever happens between the escort and the client is consensual;the operators try and avoid discussing specifics over the telephone so as to avoid complications with the law.

What Is The Difference Between A Call Girl And An Escort


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